Pre Assessment

Do you think you might want to change your career path?
Do you want to know more about different forms of Life Long Learning Programs that can help you reach your career goals?
Do you know how to search and find useful statistics on labor market trends that can help you to make career decisions?
Do you know how networking effectively can improve your job prospects?
Do you want to eliminate job search fatigue?
Do you know how to start writing your cover letter?
Do you want to work on your elevator pitch?
Do you know how to properly prepare for an interview?
Do you know how your clear goals and dreams contribute to your future professional development?
Do you know how the “SMART” framework can help you in achiving your goals and have more career success?
Do you know how to network effectively in order to improve your job prospects?
Are you aware of your weaknesses and strengths?
Do you know where to search info about different LLP programs offered in your country or in other EU countries?
Are you aware of what you are capable of doing thanks to what you have learned in your education, at work or even in your leisure and free time?